CCTV System Installation in Hervey Bay and Maryborough

Souter Locksmiths supply and install CCTV systems in residential, commercial and industrial properties in the Fraser Coast area including Hervey Bay and Maryborough. As the first locksmith business to be established in Hervey Bay & Maryborough back in the 1980s, our team has grown to meet the needs of local residents and businesses, ensuring that all our products we sell are high-quality and good value. We pride ourselves on our reliable and knowledgeable customer service paired with our ability to stay on top of all the latest industry trends and technology options.

If you have any questions about having a CCTV system installed on your property or would like to request an obligation-free estimate, please give the team at Souter Locksmith a call today on 1800 241 111.

CCTV Camera Systems:

CCTV Camera systems are a great way to limit theft, vandalism & accident litigation.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a visual surveillance technology which can be used to monitor a variety of environments and activities in commercial applications such as warehouses, factories, offices & retail as well as in private residencies, parks or beach front.

A communication link that is generally used between the CCTV security cameras and monitor can include full pan, tilt and zoom functionalities. A CCTV security camera can be remotely operated from a control panel, your computer or  smartphone and cameras can be set to record only when there is movement, see in the dark, zoom and many other combinations depending on your requirements.

At Souter Locksmiths we use a variety of CCTV hardware and software to provide security solutions suitable for all commercial and residential security situations.

CCTV Installation

Get in touch to discuss our CCTV installation services and your requirements. Call 1800 241 111.