Lock Replacement and Re-Keying Services in Hervey Bay

Souter Locksmiths provide lock replacement and re-keying services for home owners, commercial businesses and real estate agents in the Fraser Coast area including Hervey Bay and Maryborough. We provide locals with professional and reliable mobile locksmith services that they can trust. All our locksmiths have been trained under the guide of Richard Souter, a veteran of the trade with 55 years’ experience under his belt. Our expert team stays equipped with the necessary tools and cutting-edge equipment not only in-store, but also in our mobile units to ensure our customers get the best service possible. Call us for a free quote and have one of our professional mobile locksmiths come to you!

There are a few different reasons why we change the lock combinations for our customers, including for security or logistical reasons which we can perform on site or in store. Changing the combination is usually as simple as changing the barrel and key of your locks, and we can perform this service at your house or in-store if you’d prefer to save the cost of a callout. For more information regarding our lock replacement and re-keying services, give the team at Souter Locksmiths a call on 1800 241 111.

Lock Changing After Moving House:

It’s vital that you recombinate your locks after moving home to prevent any chance of break-ins; some homeowners are using keys that not even the homeowner before them bothered to change. As our customers typically get re-keying done out of concern for the security of their loved ones and possessions, we also analyse the needs of our customers and make recommendations to enhance their home security while we’re with you.

Additionally, for landlords, we recommend switching to a restricted key system to avoid having to get new keys cut each time you get new tenants. Restricted keys prevent people from getting new keys cut by incorporating a patented key design, unique to that key.

Clean Up Your Keyring:

We can also change the combinations on multiple locks so that they all use the same key

to reduce the number of keys dangling off your keyring. Sometimes it is impossible to have a common key between different lock manufacturer designs, but we’ll try our best to minimise the number of keys you need.

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