Hervey Bay Lock Repairs

Souter Locksmiths provide professional and efficient lock repair services to the Fraser Coast region including Hervey Bay and Maryborough. Building on the 55 years of experience our founder, Richard Souter, has taught his team, Souter Locksmiths are well-known in Hervey Bay for their high level of care and eye for detail when repairing and maintaining locking systems.

We pride ourselves on our professional customer service, experienced team and technical know-how. Our team are more than happy to provide free quotes or estimates over the phone for any of our products and services as well as answer any questions that you might have. For our lock repair services, we can send a mobile unit out to your property or if you are welcome to bring the lock/s into our store where we will repair them, saving yourself the call-out fee. Souters specialize in antique, veteran and vintage lock repairs and rekeying, and have no trouble with locks on caravans, trucks, boats, motorbikes, canopies, roller doors, golf buggies, tractors, and machinery. We are also able to supply Ergon access locks for any requirements.

For more information about our lock repairing, please give the team at Souter Locksmiths a call on 1800 241 111.

Lock Repair and Replacement Services:

Door frames and doors can warp for a few different reasons including when we’ve had a spate of chilly weather followed immediately by warm weather, or the lock just hasn’t seen use in a long time. It is not uncommon for locks and doors that have jammed to require our expertise in releasing them and sorting out the issue. Adjustment of door jamb plates & hinges are part of the service we provide in correcting jamming issues.

Our team of qualified locksmiths can disassemble your locks and find the problem before re-assembling them to work as new again. While we repair your locking system, we take extra precaution and go above and beyond to ensure the longevity of the door lock so you don’t have to call us again. We’ll also assess whether the lock is worth repairing, or if complete lock replacement is a more practical option.

As an added measure, Souter Locksmiths recommend using your less-used locks and electronic keys once every couple of months to keep the batteries fresh and the lock free from seizing. Give us a call for a free quote over the phone and to book one of our mobile locksmiths to visit your property.

Free Lock Repair Quotes

Souter Locksmiths are more than happy to provide obligation-free quotes and estimates for any of our products and services. Give us a call on 1800 241 111 to request.