Master Key System Installation in Hervey Bay and Maryborough

Established in 1980, Souter Locksmiths provide quality lock smith products, including master key systems, to the Fraser Coast area from their Hervey Bay store. A locksmith since 1963, Richard Souter established Hervey Bay’s first locksmith store over three decades ago, and his reputation precedes him. We understand that seeing a locksmith is more of a necessity than a choice, and we believe that after you’ve experienced our service, you won’t be looking elsewhere the next time you need someone you can trust to service your locks and keys. Give us a call or send us an email to organise a free quote for a master key system.

What is a Master Key System?

Master key solutions are fantastic for distributing building access to specific people. For example, you might have a cleaner that needs access to all rooms, while your guests will obviously only need access to the one they’re staying in. With a master key system, your cleaners can get access to all the rooms without needing each specific key. Our master key systems allow for multiple access schedules, for example, a manager with all access, a cleaner with a few rooms, and a guest with one room. By having a master key system, you’ll be saving yourself from the logistical nightmare of issuing individual keys, as well as reducing the potential for keys to be lost or stolen.

Contrary to popular belief, the actual master keys themselves aren’t anything special. The actual barrels of the locks, however, will need replacement or modification to cater for different keys. If you’d like some added security, we can produce a restricted system design for your master keys to ensure fraudulent duplication does not occur. Restricted keys incorporate a patented design so that no other licensed locksmith will cut that key when it is brought in. Furthermore, we issue individual numbers for each restricted key so you can assign them to specific staff.

For more information regarding master key systems or to request a free quote to get a system installed in your building or property, give the team at Souter Locksmiths a call on 1800 241 111.

Free Master Key System Quote

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