Restricted Key Systems in Hervey Bay and Maryborough

Souter Locksmiths have been producing and installing restricted key systems to local Fraser Coast businesses and households since 1980 – we were the first locksmith in town! Since then, we’ve established a reputation for our quality service and attention to detail. After you’ve experienced our services once, you won’t want to go anywhere else. Please give us a call or send us an email to organise a free quote for our restricted locking system installation services.

Restricted locking systems are a fantastic addition to any household or company that wants to maintain greater control over their keys. When manufacturing your locks and keys, we incorporate a patented design that no other locksmith can copy. This means that additional keys cannot be cut without your permission because all certified locksmiths with the appropriate equipment to cut keys are legally required to not cut restricted keys that have come from another locksmith. Furthermore, we’ll request identification from anyone coming in with one of your keys to be cut. Whenever an authorised person gets more keys cut, a report is issued to let you know how many keys are currently in circulation and the individual issue dates for each lot of keys. All restricted keys have unique numbering for identification, so you can assign specific keys to specific employees or tenants.

Restricted Key Systems for Landlords:

Installing a restricted locking system eliminates the potential for unauthorised entry from duplicate keys. This is especially important for commercial businesses and landlords, where keys are regularly given to other people – a restricted key system prevents your tenants or employees from creating new keys without your knowledge.

We recommend all landlords and business owners have restricted systems installed to ensure you know exactly who has your keys. Additionally, we can install a master key system on restricted keys; see our Master Systems page for more information.

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